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Family Law
(Wills, Probate, Divorce, Adoption)

As the saying goes, the family is the most important unit of society. For that reason, we take our family law practice very seriously. We are always mindful of the emotional and psychological aspects of the issues we handle and we endeavour to protect relationships and reduce friction to a minimum. At FSB Law Consult, we consider the best interest of our clients as well as all persons involved in any family disputes.

With our expertise in alternative dispute resolution, we explore all avenues to settle disputes out of court to save time, costs and relationships. No matter where you have reached in your quest to find solutions to any of the matters listed below, our professional team is willing and able to help you find a new and quick way to bring matters to an end.

At FSB Law Consult, we provide a range of legal services across the full spectrum of family law including the following:

  • Adoption – We advise and obtain adoption orders for both resident and non-resident persons in Ghana. We liaise with the Department of Social Welfare throughout the application process. We file all the needed papers in court and appear for and on behalf of the person applying to adopt a child.
  • Estate planning – We handle estate planning for individuals and families, including advising and preparation of wills, trusts, prenuptial agreements, financial and healthcare powers of attorney, living wills (This document is between you and your doctor, and it advises them on how you should be treated/cared for in case of an emergency or sickness), etc. We represent business owners and enterpreneurs who own SMEs in disputes and litigation related to governance, diassociation and receivership, and represent trustees and beneficiaries in trust administration matters.
  • Divorce – We handle divorce cases for both local and foreign clients. We represent non-resident Ghanaians as well. We handle applications for maintenance pending suit, interim orders regarding accommodation, interlocutory injunctions, etc.
  • Administration of estate – We handle all processes and applications to court for taking probate or letters of administration to administer a dead person’s estate. We also enter caveats, file estate litigation cases or defend such cases on behalf of clients (executors, administrators, trustees, beneficiaries, etc). We advise executors and administrators of estates on the processes for the smooth administration and distribution estates.
  • Child maintenance/custody, etc. – We represent ‘next-friend’ litigants and we apply for maintenance for children or custody to the appropriate parent.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)



DISCLAIMER: This FAQs is intended to give general information only. It is not legal advice and it is not intended to be used as such. Please consult a lawyer for legal advice.