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Technology Law

(Data Protection, Privacy, E-Commerce)

Technology is the way of the future. As such, it is absolutely for individuals and businesses to be aware of what their rights and responsibilities are as they thrive in cyber space. Using social media to link up with friends and family, buying goods, advertising and selling products online, etc all come with their own legal responsibilities. Ghana has taken its obligations under international law regarding ICT very seriously and has operationalized same by passing various laws locally.

At FSB Law Consult, our Technology Law Division focuses on the laws dealing with data protection and privacy issues, e-commerce, FinTechs, electronic communications and electronic transactions, as well as emerging trends in technology and artificial intelligence.

We handle primarily:

  • Legal advice to individuals on their constitutional right to privacy and their remedies under the Data Protection Act.
  • Legal advice to companies on their duties and responsibilities under the Data Protection Act.
  • Litigation on behalf of data subjects or data controllers/processors.
  • Advise individual and corporate clients on the Government of Ghana’s digitalization agenda and how it impacts their lives and businesses.
  • Representation of clients before the Electronic Communications Tribunal and other statutory bodies and government agencies.
  • Advise SME and start-up FinTechs on their rights under competition rules even in the absence of a Competition Law in Ghana.