Areas of Practice

Commercial Litigation

We institute legal action on behalf of our clients whenever there is a breach of a commercial obligation by another party. We also defend clients who are sued regarding any commercial ventures. Our expertise in this area covers a wide range of businesses including banking and finance, insurance, transportation, manufacturing, construction, gaming.


Family Law

(Wills, Probate, Divorce, Adoption)​

We provide legal service across the full spectrum of family law including estate planning (wills and trusts), adoption, divorce, probate, letters of administration, child maintenance, etc.


Labour/ Employment Law

We represent employees or employers in litigation relating to labour/employment issues. We have handled issues relating to wrongful dismissals, payment of termination benefits, unfair employment terms, workers and employers rights under the law etc.


Property/Real Estate Law

At FSB law consult, we advise and represent clients in the sale and/or purchase of landed property, construction agreements, preparation of leases and tenancy agreements, registration of interests in land with governmental agencies, etc.


Technology Law

(Data Protection, Privacy, E-Commerce)​

Our technology law division focuses on the law dealing with data protection and privacy issues and emerging trends in technology and artificial intelligence.



We utilize alternative dispute resolution mechanisms in the settlement of disputes, especially mediation and arbitration.


Other Services

Notary Services

We offer notary services including certifications, attestation, witnessing of documents, etc.