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Commercial Litigation

At FSB Law Consult, we welcome clients in all categories of business. We represent small and medium enterprises in all their business dealings. We have also built a reputation as the law firm of choice for big businesses as well. We work with our clients with the main aim of achieving their business goals. Being a firm that has been in existence for several years, we deeply understand and appreciate that clients are always seeking cost-effective legal services and most importantly, early resolution of case. As a result, we always consider all means available to resolve our clients’ cases so as to minimize costs and at the same time, achieve speedy results without compromising on the quality of our work. We explore and utilize opportunities to settle cases out of court. But in instances where litigation remains the only available option in the end, we pursue it with the best interest of our client in mind.

At our firm, we are very much aware that clients always want lawyers who understand their business and its operations. They also want lawyers who understand the impact that litigation will have on their business and their relationships with their business partners, employees, etc. These considerations are at the forefront of each client’s mind regardless of the nature and dimension of the matter in dispute. Being very much aware of the impact litigation has on the budget and time of businesses and enterprises, we explore all types of alternative dispute resolution including negotiation, mediation and arbitration. In recent times, this has been even more so with the introduction of alternative dispute resolution into the rules of court in Ghana.

We are reputed as a commercial litigation law firm because of our ability to take cases to trial when all other means of dispute resolution fails. We always endeavor to make ourselves relevant to our clients, giving them every reason to always choose us. We are known for our exceptional advocacy skills, top-notch advisory service and unforgettable client experience.

Under our commercial litigation practice, we handle disputes and cases on debt recovery, breach of contract, sale of goods, product liability, medical negligence, insurance claims, wrongful dismissal/unfair termination of employment, medical negligence, breach of privacy,

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