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Property/Real Estate law

Property/Real Estate Law

Buying property in Ghana is said to be one of the most intricate and complex ventures one could ever be involved in. The problem of multiple sale of property is well-known. But with good legal advice and the guiding hand of experiences lawyers, the process can be less daunting.

At FSB Law Consult, we offer comprehensive legal services to commercial and residential real estate developers, lending institutions, governmental entities, investors, entrepreneurs, and buyers and sellers of business assets. 

We are known for our litigation experience when it comes to land/property in Ghana.

Our Property and Real Estate Division focuses on these core areas:

  • Lease/conveyance negotiations and advice
  • Preparation of leases, Tenancy Agreements and other conveyance documents.
  • Commercial Real Estate
  • Title Searches at Lands Commission
  •  Registration of Title
  • Zoning searches and District, Municipal and Metropolitan Assemblies
  • Land Use Regulations ( Town & Country Planning Department)
  • Conduct due diligence on properties prior to purchase
  • Public/Private Partnerships
  • Construction Agreements
  • Design and Construction Contract Review
  • Litigation

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)